Returns Conditions

Returns Conditions

I. General stipulations

1. These rules for complaints are valid as of 1 October 2006 and replace all the previous rules for complaints.

2. These rules for complaints relate to the common business co-operation between the Consumer and the company sinne s.r.o. CZ 45274223,(hereinafter only the Seller).

3. The Consumer agrees with these rules for complaints when accepting the goods. In case the goods are not accepted personally, the time when the goods are delivered to the first carrier is considered to be the acceptation of goods. This procedure for complaints is available in the seat of the seller or as an on-line document published at the website:

II. Warranty period

The warranty period is as a standard stated on the purchase receipt in the warranty column. If it is not so, 24-month warranty period is valid for the new goods with the following exceptions: a) goods of consumable material character– e.g. drinks, meals, goods produced for the purposes of one single event, b) produced before 31. 12. 2002, c) sold at a discount (damaged goods, used goods, incomplete etc. – i.e. in the sale).

For the above mentioned exceptions 6-month warranty is valid. The warranty period commences since the acceptation of goods by the Consumer, i.e. by the day stated on the purchase receipt.

III. Warranty terms

The Consumer is obliged to ensure the check of the goods as soon as possible after its delivery and he or she is obliged to report all possible defects detected in this way to the seller no later than on the next working day. When using the delivery service or public carrier any complaints regarding the transported goods are subject to the respective procedure of complaints of such carrier and respective regulations of the civil code or commercial code. Such damage caused in this way may not be claimed towards the seller. The Consumer is entitled to exercise the warranty only for the goods with defects under the warranty period and purchased from the seller.

The complaints must be submitted to sinne s.r.o. FANzone. – Complaints department, 128/1 Myslbekova, Praha 6 .

The Consumer may send the defected goods via delivery service on its own costs to the address of the complaints department of the seller.

The parcel must be visibly labeled "COMPLAINT" and must include: a) the goods related to the complaint including the complete accessories in the original cover b) a copy of the purchase receipt c) detailed description of the defect – any goods which are labeled in the description as “non-functional“ but will be found as fully functional after testing, will be returned as unjustified complaint to the Consumer who will pay the respective delivery costs d) sufficient contact data of the Buyer (the return address, contact person, phone number). The goods sent on the costs of the Seller will not be accepted! The return transport within the Czech Republic after the settlement of the justified complaint will be paid by the Consumer. In case of unjustified complaint the Consumer will be charged a handling fee. The goods will be sent to the Consumer’s address and the Consumer will bear the respective risk and pay the costs.

If the goods are defected right after the delivery, the Consumer must apply his complaints within ten days since the acceptance of such goods and if the character of the defect and goods allows it, the justified complaints will be settled “on the spot“ by exchange of the goods for a new ones. The exchange is possible only if the respective goods are currently available in the storehouse. If the complaint is made later, the defect will be considered as mechanical damage caused by the Consumer and the complaint will be declined.

The seller is not responsible for the defects the Consumer was made aware of when the contract was concluded. If the goods are of second hand type, the seller is not responsible for the defects in the extent of the usage or wear and tear the respective goods had, when it was accepted by the Consumer.

The Consumer is obliged to prove the validity of the warranty by submitting the respective purchase receipt. In case the goods had been subject to a complaint in the past, also the document on such previous complaint must be submitted as well.

The Seller does not guarantee full compatibility of the sold parts to with the other parts not approved by the employees, neither software applications whose functionality was not explicitly required by the Seller in the written order. The warranty does not relate to the defects caused by the usage of improper consumable material or in case of a damage caused by such a usage. The Seller does not guarantee full functionality of the application software in the versions which are not suitable (not created) for the ordered operation system. The Seller does not accept any responsibility for the any possible problems caused by the limited functionality of the applications that do not comply with this condition. The guarantee does not relate to the defects caused by the improper operation, not professional or improper manipulation, usage and installation that do not comply with the user’s manual or damage caused by over-voltage in the distribution network. The warranty also does not cover the damage of the equipment due to excessive mechanical wear. The warranty does not relate to the wear and tear of the goods caused by its usual usage. When any goods are sold for a lower price due to the certain defects, the warranty does not cover such defects. The warranty does not relate to: a) goods damaged due to excessive wear and tear or used in contradiction with the conditions stated in the documentation or general terms, b) goods damaged due to unauthorized repair or change of the specifications, c) goods modified by the Consumer, (prints, bounds etc.), d) goods damaged by natural disasters or due to force majeure.

The warranty does not cover the defects of the material, functional defects or defects appearing during the production, assembly or caused by the seller’s employees. The goods submitted within a complaint will be tested only as regards the defect described in written form in the complaint form or in the attached sheet with the defect description.

IV. The complaint settlement procedure

If the respective defect is possible to repair, the goods will be repaired. The Seller is entitled to exchange the defective goods for new goods with the identical or similar user’s character from the same or different producer. *. If such exchange or repair is not possible and the character of the defect does not exclude common usage of the goods, the Seller may agree with the Buyer on a suitable price discount. (In such case the goods may not be a subject of any further complaint). In any of the above mentioned settlements is possible, the Seller will be provided with a credit note. **. If the respective defect may not be removed and it prevents the common usage of the goods as a goods without a defect, the Seller will exchange the defective goods for the same ones with similar identical or similar user’s character form the same or other producer or will issue a credit note.**. The same settlement procedure will apply in case of minimally three same defects on the goods. * The Seller may in exceptional cases and in order to speed up the procedure of complaints exchange the goods for other not defective one (new or repaired) with the same or similar specifications. ** The refunded amount may reflect the current price of the goods of similar character.

The Seller must settle the complaints without any unnecessary delay and no later than within 30 days. After the settlement of the justified complaint the warranty is prolonged by the time of the procedure of complaint. In case of unjustified complaint the warranty is not prolonged. In case the complaint was settled down by exchange of the goods for new one, the warranty period restarts since the date of the complaint settlement. If the complaint is settled by an exchange of the goods, any possible following complaint is considered to be the first complaint regarding such goods.

The period of the complaint procedure starts since the day following the acceptation till the end of procedure of complaint. Not till the day when the goods is taken back by the Seller! After the settlement of the complaint the Seller will inform about this fact the Buyer by phone, fax, SMS, or via e-mail. If the goods were sent by carrier service, it will be sent to the address of the Buyer after the settlement of the complaint automatically. Note: Please do not call to the number the information sms was sent from. It is only an SMS gate.

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