Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

I. General stipulations

1. General business terms and conditions govern relations between the seller and the buyer in the area of the trade of the goods between the company sinne s.r.o. DIC CZ 45274223 (hereinafter only the Seller) and its business partners (hereinafter only the Buyer).

2. The business terms and conditions of the Internet shop www.fanzone .cz are governed by the below stated Code of purchasing as well as by the valid laws and business practise. All goods come from the authorised importers and official producers in the Czech Republic, they are of a standard quality, and are provided with full warranty under the valid legislative and according to the warranty terms of the producer or importer.

II. Opening hours

1. The internet shop www.FANzone.cz: NON-STOP

2. Shop Evropská 644/04 Praha 6
MO-FR od 10-12 hod

III. The Buyer

1. At the commencement of the business relations the Buyer will submit his contact data necessary for the trouble-free fulfilment of orders or possibly the data that he wishes to state on the purchase documents. It is especially the information on its business licence and his legal authorization (a copy of the extract from the Commercial Register, business licence, tax identification number and the physical persons will provide also the number of the identification card), and the information on the place of delivery for the ordered goods (address). The Buyer is obliged to inform the seller about any possible changes in such data without any unnecessary delay.

IV. Orders

1. By the sending of the electronic order via Internet the buyer confirms the validity of his order and expresses his agreement with the business terms and conditions. If the buyer submitting the order states his or her e-mail address and mobile phone number, a copy of the order will be sent to him or her as a confirmation of the registration of the order to the ordering system with the reference to the check of the order and state of its fulfilment. If a copy is not delivered to the submitted e-mail address, please contact us as soon as possible.

2. You may order the goods through the following ways:
- via the electronic online shop at www.fanzone.cz
- personally

3. The Seller recommends to the Buyers to realise the orders via electronic shop or in a written form (e-mail) including the following data:
- Buyer’s business name and address
- ICO a DIC, and if he is registered as the VAT payer
- code of the goods according to the pricelist
- unit price
- the way of take-over and transport
- signature of the person entitle to order goods
- all the necessary data the Buyer considers important

4. The ordered goods are dispatched within five working days maximally. In case the goods are not available or the delivery time is longer, the buyer will be informed and he or she may confirm the longer delivery time or cancel the respective order via phone or e-mail without any sanctions from our side.

5. The responsibility for the data correctness – we would like to point out that the information on our website is partly taken from the third parties – and may include various factual and technical imperfections or typographic errors and may be updated without any prior notice. Therefore the Seller may not fully guarantee the correctness of its contents and does not take any responsibility for the damage caused by the usage of the information from the Internet shop or linked websites, unless this information is confirmed by the Seller on the request of the Buyer.

V. Withdrawal from the contract – cancellation of the order

1. The cancellation of the order by the Buyer: The order may be cancelled via phone or e-mail only in case the state of the order is “accepted“ or “being processed“ and the goods has not been dispatched yet. In case of the later cancellation, the Seller is entitled to require remuneration for the damage, especially of documented costs related to the dispatch of the ordered goods.

2. As regards the goods ordered and purchased via Internet shop the Buyer – not an entrepreneur - physical person has a right according to the paragraph 6 of Civil Code No. 367/2000 to withdraw from the contract within 14 days from acceptation of goods without the obligation of stating any reason. If the Buyer decides so, he or she must return undamaged goods without signs of being used or with any tear and wear or otherwise damaged, in the original cover with all the accessories back in the above mention term (the decisive is the date of sending). The goods must be accompanied with all respective documents including the invoice and warranty documents. After receiving of the goods the Seller will return to the Buyer the respective amount in the way agreed prior the return. The refund will equal to the difference of the purchase price and the costs the Seller used to deliver the goods to the Buyer (delivery fee, coverage fee etc.). The goods cannot be returned to the Seller in the following cases:

a) the Buyer bought the goods personally in the shop, b) the Buyer is a firm (entrepreneur or legal person) – as the contract of purchase is subject to the Commercial Code.

3. The cancellation of the order by the Seller: The Seller reserves the right to cancel the order or its part in the following cases: a) the goods is no longer produced or delivered, b) the price of the supplier significantly changed.

4. In these cases the Buyer will be immediately contacted and the further proceedings will be agreed with him or her. In case the Buyer has already paid the amount or its part, this amount will be refunded back to his account or address in the nearest possible term.

5. The Seller reserves the right to change the prices. The valid prices are confirmed to the Buyer at the moment of the order confirmation. If the valid price is identical or lower than on the order, it is not subsequently confirmed and the price is delivered for the price valid at the moment of order acceptation. If the price is higher than the one stated on the order, the Seller will immediately inform the Buyer about this fact, the Buyer may accept the changed price or refuse the delivery. If the order is made by the phone, the valid price for the respective order is always communicated to the Buyer.

VI. Prices and methods of payments

1. All the prices are contractual and if not stated otherwise they are in CZK and without VAT.

2. Methods of payments: a) in cash when accepting the goods b) pre-payments via bank transfer c) cash on delivery of the goods

3. The goods remain in possession of the Seller until it is fully paid for.

VII. Dispatch of the goods, transport price and acceptation of the goods

1. Personal take over – the goods may be accepted only by a person entrusted (entitled) to do so by the Buyer. This person must sufficiently prove his or her identity and submit his or her identification card.

2. Delivery via carrier service – the goods may be delivered to the Buyer via carrier service (DPD, Czech post).

3. Transport fees: a) for the orders of goods with the price up to 1,200,- CZK VAT included, the price is according to the pricelist b) in case of the order of goods exceeding 1,200,- CZK VAT excluded, the delivery is free.

4. After the delivery the Buyer is obliged to check together with the carrier the state of the delivery (number of parcels, compactness of the covering tape with firm logo, damage of the boxes) according to the delivery list and to refuse to accept incomplete or damaged delivery.

5. The Buyer is obliged to inform about incomplete or damaged delivery via e-mail to the address expedice@primaPC.cz, to fulfil the damage protocol with the carrier and send it to the Seller within 24 hours after the delivery. In case the acceptance of the complete delivery is confirmed by the signature in the carrier’s documents, the Buyer may not submit any subsequent complaints about incompleteness or damage of the delivery.

IX. Warranty terms and conditions

The warranty terms and conditions for the goods are subject to the Rules of Complaints of the Seller.

X. Final stipulations

These General Terms and Conditions are valid as of 1 October 2006 and they replace any previous stipulations and practice. The Seller reserves to modify these General Business Terms and Conditions without prior notice.

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